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Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kit for Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies

This invention, developed at the University of Missouri, presents a unique technology for the diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia in companion animals. This technology consists of specially formulated recipes that mask the aversive taste and odor of oral contrast agents required to conduct effective videofluoroscopic swallowing studies. These ready-to-use kits contain savory recipes with an oral contrast agent, but are readily consumed by companion animals in a low stress, self-feeding environment. The animals perform normal, not forced, swallowing with simultaneous and effective visualization of their digestive tracts. These kits will improve the diagnosis and treatment of animals suffering from dysphagia and other swallowing abnormalities affecting their quality of life.

Dysphagia diagnosis and treatment in humans and companion animals is difficult because of how the contrast media and observation influences natural swallowing functions. Swallowing function is markedly different during voluntary swallowing compared with restraint and force-feeding conditions. Higher stress force feeding is often required, especially with animals, because of the repulsive taste, texture, and odor of the oral contrast media. The current technology is ready-to-use, pre-packaged savory recipes containing oral-contrast media that allow for natural and objective diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia in dogs.

Potential Areas of Applications
-Videofluoroscopic swallowing studies in dogs and other companion animals
-Radiographic studies involving the digestive tract of companion animals, including quantifying the effect of new drug candidates on swallowing function 
-Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia

-Savory recipes- readily consumed with natural swallowing by animals
-Pre-made/pre-packaged with oral contrast media
-Videofluoroscopic and radiographic studies may be performed while visualizing natural swallowing processes
-No recipe experimentation required -open, hand mix, and it’s ready to use

Prototypes developed and tested for dogs; planning ongoing for other species

Seeking licensee with the potential to continue research and commercialize


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University of Missouri- Columbia

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