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Use of the Solar Spectrum to Measure Temperatures of Metals

Solar spectrum heat recording test equipment uses industry standard solar lamp for the test process. Various methods and configurations measure and record the peak temperature on exposed materials. The lamp output simulates the full solar spectrum and the samples are tested in the enclosed chamber. Test chamber and methods eliminate the need for waiting for optimum outdoor conditions for solar exposure data collection. The chamber method exposes material to the solar sun light similar spectrum and temperature data are recorded. Typical test articles are small test coupons and prototype parts. The technology has been proven with testing of unpainted and painted aircraft composite materials and metals. Our method accurately takes measurements and is reproducible. No method to measure temperature and thermal transfer properties in response to simulated solar spectrum exists. These measurements are important because of limitations of materials like aircraft composites with respect to the Maximum Operating Limits (MOL) of the material.


-Simulate outdoor testing of materials for identifying peak temperature without the wind factor
-More accurate
-Indoor testing of solar spectrum
-Adjustable for varying solar intensities and part configurations

-Aerospace industry
-Solar testing industry
-Manufacturers of components requiring low peak temperature from solar exposure
-Solar reflective coating evaluations comparing to standard coatings

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Wichita State University

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