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Ultra-low Noise Field-effect Transistors for Use in Chemical/Biological Sensors

Researchers from Kansas State University and Purdue University have fabricated 2D Field Effect Transistors (2D-FETs) of square micrometer area and sub-10 nanometer thickness that can be used as ultra-low noise and high-performance electronic sensors.
To the best of our knowledge, this invention reports the lowest noise, the highest mobility and the lowest contact resistance simultaneously. Together, these three attributes have the ability to make these devices among the most reliable micro/nano-scale 2D-FETs in the industry. Such optimized devices are key to achieving a number of applications such as high performance and reliable nano-switches, chemical sensors and biosensors. Additionally, these FETs are meant to enhance existing biosensors by helping them detect low concentrations of biomarkers more accurately, and hence, they are quite suited for applications in the chemical sensor and biosensor industries.


  • Low Electronic Noise: These FETs aim to minimize the amount of electronic noise, thereby having increased signal to noise ratio.
  • High Mobility
  • Low Contact-Resistance
  • High Reliability:The existence of such low noise, high mobility and low contact-resistance together has the ability to make these devices among the most reliable micro/nano-scale 2D-FETs in the industry.
  • Competitive Cost: The manufacturing cost is expected to be comparable to current state-of-the-art transistors.
  • Adaptable Properties: The choice of contact metal can be used to adapt the current flow properties of the transistor for various applications.

Commercial Applications:

  • Low noise sensors (chemical sensor, biological sensor, and gas sensor) based on FET technology.
  • High-Performance and Reliable Nano-Switches

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