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Therapeutics for Treatment of Tumor Metastasis and Tumorigenesis

KU inventors have identified and are working to optimize a potent inhibitor that reduces the occurrence of the perinucleolar compartment (PNC) within metastatic tumors. PNC is a multicomponent structure found in abundance within metastatic tumors. The use of this PNC inhibitor does not affect the functionality of the healthy cells. The compound also impacts in vitro migration of tumor cells, making it useful for advanced cell-based studies. The probe is an ideal candidate for understanding the therapeutic value of PNC disruption as a novel approach towards combating metastasis in cancer treatment. The compound can preferentially target cancer cells before they metastasize, thus increasing the efficacy of the treatment and reducing the risk of side effects.

How it works: 

The PNC is a metastatic biomarker located near the cell’s nucleolus. The novel compositions in this invention target and reduce the prevalence of the PNC without affecting the cell itself. Through targeting the PNC, the compositions inhibit the migration and the cell growth of cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner.


  • Treat and prevent tumor metastasis
  • Treat and prevent the formation of tumors
  • The compositions can be used in the future as an in-vivo tool for illuminating the molecular mechanisms that link PNC and metastatic transformation together


a.)Increases the potential for recovery in individuals with cancer by targeting cancer cells before they metastasize.

b.)Reduces the risk of metastasis through targeting a specific cancer biomarker (PNC)

c.)This targeted therapeutic approach leads to a more efficacious cancer therapy with fewer side-effects than currently available cancer treatments.

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