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Targeted Protein-Metal Nanoconjugates for Multi-Drug Delivery

Novel platform method to control the synthesis of nanoparticles such that multiple elements, including targeting and therapeutic compounds, can be incorporated in specific concentrations in a single particle in a predictable and reproducible manner. By defining compound levels associated with each particle physicians will be enabled to deliver specific synergistic combinations of therapeutics in a targetable manner.

Combinational therapy using multiple drugs is known to be more efficacious than single drug administration in several therapeutic areas, including cancer. Until now, delivery of specific combinations of drugs to any given single cell was not possible. Despite therapeutic co-administration, any given cell might encounter (or uptake) variable amounts of therapeutic compound, thus failing to receive maximal synergic doses. This invention enables the production of multi-dimensional nanoparticles, each containing specific concentrations of multiple therapeutics, ensuring each cell receives the intended defined ratio of therapeutic deemed most efficacious.

  • Simultaneous administration of multiple drugs for disease treatment, including cancer
  • Method can also have non-biological applications, such as in the controlled synthesis of polymer-metal constructs for sensor platforms

  • Versatile delivery system for a single drug or multiple drugs including traditional small molecule drugs and bio-molecules
  • Facilitates optimal synergistic effects for combinational therapy
  • Improves therapeutic profile
  • Cellular internalization demonstrated
  • The surface functionality allows integration of antibodies or peptides for targeting while allowing another drug to be independently integrated
  • Interchangeable nanoparticle components (e.g. metallic, biological, polymer, etc. nanoparticles)

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University of Missouri - Columbia

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