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Smart Glove for Data Capture

A newly developed wearable smart glove designed to assist board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) in tracking behavior in any setting (clinical, home, educational, therapy, social, etc.) has been developed. The glove is low-profile, easy to use, cost-effective, and it enables greater depth of data capture than alternative approaches.

This device captures data in real-time, and does not require the analyst to re-record or capture data from memory at a convenient/later time. A one-handed touch enables data capture as the BCBA recognizes each event. It does not require the analyst to detract attention from the patient in order to input data, which can limit progress, decrease accuracy of data capture, and can even cause harm to the patient. Time spent using other data capture methods can account for up to 20 minutes per patient. Using MU’s device, no extra time outside of the therapy session is needed to input data. 
Today, BCBAs that track behavior in patients using applied behavior analysis (ABA) standards typically use paper and pencil, tablets, or laptops to take notes. Due to the hands-on nature of the analyst-patient intervention process, current methods are inefficient for the analyst. Capturing data by handwritten notes or keyboard interrupts the interaction between patient and analyst at a critical time for instruction and skill development. Often, the importance of continuity in these interactions is overlooked, leading to reduced levels of care. The newly developed wearable smart glove invented by MU investigators addresses these patient needs, and provides an easy to use and cost-effective solution for analysts to improve patient interactions and overall care.

  • ABA data collection
  • Autism data collection

  • Wearable device for BCBA
  • Tracks therapy task
  • Tracks delay time
  • Tracks assistance, success or failure

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University of Missouri - Columbia

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