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Single Piece LTCC Seal Frame and Lid

An integrated Seal Frame and Lid technology has been developed using Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC). The one piece, thin walled ceramic structure has integral advantages over other forms of seal frame and lid designs. The two-piece metal designs currently used in microelectronic packages have a metal frame that is soldered to an LTCC Multi Chip Module (MCM). Then the lid is welded or soldered in place to provide the required airtight enclosure. The mismatch of expansion levels between the metal frame and the LTCC can present significant reliability issues. This one piece LTCC design that has been through a metallization technique can simply be soldered on to the LTCC base without the stresses associated with a mismatch.

The new Integrated Seal Frame and Lid technology allows for smaller, lighter microelectronic packages with reduced stress and improved long term reliability. It reduces the number of components, the number of potential leakage paths and the number of process steps required to fabricate.


- Provides an enclosure that can match the thermal expansion of the substrate, thus lowering the overall stress of the system.

- LTCC fabrication techniques can form a single piece hermetic enclosure for LTCC hybrid microelectronics in shapes and sizes that are not otherwise practical or achievable. This reduces the number of potential leaks and the number of required components. .

- The LTCC manufacturer is able to fabricate both the substrate and its enclosure. Using this single piece enclosure eliminates the errors in attaching the substrate and the lid and reduces the size of the packages.


• Military radar and avionics packages using high frequency multi-chip modules (MCM)

• Automotive radar market emerging due to federal safety requirements

• Hand held high end consumer electronics, custom GPS devices, next generation smart phones and tablets • Military Communications

Intellectual Property Status This technology is patent pending under US Patent application number 14/091,578, filed 12/17/2013

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