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Semen Stimulating Additive for Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is a technology that has aided both human and animal reproduction. However, artificial insemination does not always result in pregnancy whether human or animal. In the food animal production industry, an animal that does not conceive after artificial insemination results in inefficiencies and potential economic loss for the producer. In humans, the emotional toll and financial costs for couples being unsuccessful in conceiving can be substantial. Both the human and animal assisted reproductive industries are billion dollar entities and inventions that improve fertilization rates are highly sought after.

The current invention developed by researchers at University of Missouri is a simple and inexpensive additive for semen extenders and fertilization media that improves fertilization rates after artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. In addition, mammalian oocytes fertilized in vitro in a medium with the additive have superior developmental potential, benefiting commercial embryo transfer in livestock species and infertility treatment in humans.

-Semen extender with improved sperm viability and motility
-Media increasing the pregnancy rates after in vitro fertilization
-Media for embryo transfer in farm animals

-Inexpensive and durable
-Easy to store and ship in powder form
-All natural compound

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University of Missouri - Columbia

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