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Redox-active polymers for low-cost batteries, water desalination, and nitrate sensors

Conjugated amine polymer films exhibit high electrochemical capacities, making them appealing as electrode materials for energy storage, electrochemical desalination, and chemical sensing. Nanoscale thin films of these polymers are attractive to provide lower weight, faster charging, and higher sensitivity in these applications.

MU researchers use carbonyl crosslinkers to link amines in conjugated polymer amine films (such as polypyrrole and polyaniline) thereby increasing electrochemical capacities up to 723 F/g (221 mAh/g), which are 80-600% higher than values of 100-400 F/g (140 mAh/g) typically reported for Ppy.

Ppy contains (a) conjugated π network for electron transport, and (b) amines with lone pairs that undergo oxidation to form cation radicals. Amines within Ppy are also susceptible to (c) alkylation using alkyl halides, allowing for (d) interchain crosslinking using bifunctional alkyl halides examined in this work.

2021 Meet. Abstr. MA2021-02 760
ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2022, 4, 8, 6156–6168
2019 Meet. Abstr. MA2019-02 106

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