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Protective Coating for Surfaces of Lasers, Batteries, and Aerospace Structures

Researchers at KSU have developed a multifunctional composite material that has high thermal stability and superior electrical properties. This material is a functionalized hBN composite that can serve as a flexible, high-performance paper anode in Lithium ion batteries and has been found to demonstrate high reversible capacity, very high thermal stability and extreme conversion rate capability compared to existing graphite electrodes. The material is also being tested for the detection of laser radiation due to its ability to resist damage while absorbing thermal energy.

-Demonstrated thermal stability at up to 1000° C in flowing air.
-The electric properties of this composite include: 1) A stable charge capacity of about 517 mAhg-1 at a current density of about 100 mAg-1; 2) A stable charge capacity of about 283 mAhg-1 at a high current density of about 2400 mAg-1; and 3) A stable cyclability with a high charge capacity of 410 mAg-1 at 100 mAg-1, after 100 cycles at 1600 mAg-1.
-Use of this composite as an electrode eliminates the use of copper current collector, binder and conducting agents; hence, it can be used to manufacture ‘Flexible, Light-Weight and Highly-Efficient’ Lithium-ion batteries

-Thermal absorber coatings for calibration of high-power military lasers.
-Nanocoatings or spray paint for materials that require protection in extreme environments such as rocket nozzles, laser thermal detectors and steam turbine blades.
-Thermal barrier coatings for protection of surfaces in extreme conditions such as rocket nozzles, steam turbine blades and laser thermal detections.
-Protection against harsh radiations, such as for space structures.
-Electrodes for flexible, light-weight and self-standing Lithium-ion batteries

-PCT application was filed in July 2015

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Kansas State University

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