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Optimized Route Finding for Air and Ground Vehicles

The Automated Impacts Routing (AIR) software provides users the ability to find optimized paths through airspace or ground space taking into consideration multiple and dynamic adverse conditions that can determine mission success or failure.

4D Flight Path in Google Earth

AIR is an air and ground routing application that operates as a web service or a standalone desktop application. AIR is platform independent and has been successfully tested on Windows and Linux operating systems. The highly efficient application provides the ability to update and change routing during operation based on continuously changing conditions.

Most routing algorithms have limitations, such as finding a path using pre-defined networks. Pre-defined networks limit the solution space for the routing result. AIR overcomes this limitation by allowing entire grids for multiple levels (3D) to be ingested, with values of adverse conditions, e.g., weather, for each grid cell defined for the entire grid. AIR execution results in an optimized path not necessarily along a pre-defined network, lending a complete solution that may not have otherwise been considered.

The web service version of AIR is capable of asynchronously calculating optimized paths avoiding adverse conditions and obstacles at multiple resolutions, taking multiple user-defined waypoints (mission critical points to travel to), platform speed, risk level, and 3D volumes/obstacles to avoid as inputs.

AIR has been developed with coordination between multiple DoD organizations.

  • Increased survivability and mission success
  • Greater efficiency
  • Near real-time potential
  • Collision and adverse weather avoidance
  • Cost savings

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