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Multiple Human Antibody - Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates and Methods of Formation

The inventions describe methods to prepare gold nanoparticles conjugated with either single or multiple human antibodies. New tools based on proteomics were used to characterize the human antibody- AuNP conjugates. The conditions were varied to conjugate the antibody to the surface of AuNP by either electrostatic or covalent means, as desired. Multiple bonding conditions allow for combinations of same or different types of antibodies, combinations of same or different types of antibody fragments, as well as mixtures of antibodies and antibody fragments. In each situation, an antibody or antibody fragment can possess either electrostatic or covalent bonding to the AuNP.

Both electrostatic bonded AuNP -antibody nanoconjugates and covalent bonded AuNP -antibody nanoconjugates were synthesized by methodologies invented herein.

-Multifunctional role of single or multiple human antibody nanoparticle conjugate: in diagnosis, imaging, and therapy of human diseases.

-Complete saturation of AuNPs to yield particles of uniform size and shape
-Bonding of single or multiple human antibodies with a single gold nanoparticle (AuNP)
-For multiple nanoconjugates, the two antibodies need not be the same
-Bonding mode can be either electrostatic or covalent, as desire
-Antibody conjugates with ability to incorporate Dual- Affinity Re-Targeting (DART) platform technology focusing on dual specificity antibody-likeĀ therapeutic proteins capable of targeting multiple different epitopes.
-Multifunctional role of single or multiple human antibody nanoparticle conjugate
-Potential to predict which patients will likely respond and thereby supporting personalized medicine


-Provisional Pending, Application number: 62/123,249 & 62/123,350

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University of Missouri

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