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Multi-Channel Audio Pitch Detection Algorithm

Multi-pitch detection can offer musicians a way of improving their technique by providing users with detailed feedback regarding the correlation of an audio signal to a set of predetermined pitches, such as a musical score for a singing duet. The audio signal reception device may receive the audio signals associated with at least two users. The users may also be singers, instrumentalists, or both; each may attempt to sing or play a known sequence of musical notes into a single audio receptor.

The invention uses a method of sampling an audio input stream that includes at least two signals. These input streams may be played simultaneously, and can be a singer, instrument, or combination of the two. These audio input streams are segmented. Then for each segment the device searches the frequencies of each channel by detecting peaks in the input stream within one or more harmonic search ranges. The target pitches may also be stored in memory, in order to reproduce the target pitches again and again. Finally, the device detects the pitch of each channel, and then provides feedback to each user relative to the known sequence of target pitches.


  • Provide visual, real-time feedback to two singers to help in training them to sing on pitch in an a capella (no instrument accompaniment) duet environment
  • Necessary calculations be carried out in software on a conventional personal computing platform equipped with a sound card and a single microphone
  • Expand existing computer singing games, so that teams could compete in duets
  • Incorporate the algorithm in a plug-in for professional sound creation and production software.



  • Trains individuals, whether they be students or professionals, to sing on-pitch in a very challenging environment - a cappella
  • Provides an additional benefit to the karaoke-type gaming industry, which has few ways to expand the features of their products beyond adding new songs and graphics
  • Has players compete in teams of two using one microphone, the number of players can be increased as well as the interest and the level of difficulty of the game.

Patent(s): US 8,321,211

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University of Kansas

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