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Magnetorheological Fluid Brake of a Continuous Variable Fluid Thickness

   Magnetorheological fluid brake of a continuous variable fluid thickness (CVFT) is a smart brake system created by inventors at the University of Missouri that utilizes smart fluid for improved performance. Smart fluid or responsive magnetic fluid can be controlled by an external magnetic field, which changes its viscosity. A suitable magnetic coil is used to provide the magnetic field required to activate the smart fluid. This method of braking allows for a smaller and lighter braking system without sacrificing performance. Also, by simultaneously controlling the MR fluid thickness and the electric current, a large range of brake torque is achieved without increasing the radial envelop for the brake. Additional advantages of the system when compared to traditional hydraulic brake systems include faster response time, reversibility, and higher torque applications. CVFT design has no need for a brake pedal, high pressure pipes, hydraulic piston pump, brake pads, or additional auxiliary components this system will require far less maintenance. 

• Commercial and passenger vehicle industry 
• Heavy construction industry
• Aircraft industry

• Faster response time
• Reversibility
• High torque applications
• Lower maintenance
• Reduce component size

• Patent Pending 

• University seeks licensee with the potential to commercialize
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