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Hierarchical Self-Assembled Composites of Funcionalized Graphene Sheets

This invention demonstrates the usefulness of functionalized graphene sheets (FGS) such as graphene oxide (GO), reduced graphene oxide (RGO), animated graphene (AG), etc. for enhancing the combustion characteristics of nanoenergetic material systems such as nanothermite via self-assembly. The self-assembly observed from nano- to macro- length scales is facile and spontaneous, enabling self-organization of fuel nanoparticles such as Al and oxidizer nanoparticles such a bismuth oxide in intimate contact with each other on FGS. A significant increase of specific impulse by 61% was realized with the addition of 5% wt. GO (with respect to the total weight of the nanocomposite) in comparison to that obtained for control sample of Bi_2 O_3/Al nanothermite without FGS. We expect to see even higher values of specific impulse with the optimization of equivalence ratio as well incorporating nozzle geometry. Incorporation of FGS in nanoenergetic formulations is also expected to decrease the sensitivity to external stimuli such has electrostatic discharge, impact friction sensitivity. A significant enhancement in combustion characteristics including burn rate, pressurization rate, pressure will present a new opportunities towards implementing these materials in a variety of Department of Defense applications including Reactive Materials, Solid propellant formulation, and light armor systems, etc.

-Solid propellant for micropropulsion
-Enhanced blast applications
-Reactive materials

-Tunable combustion characteristics
-Enhanced specific impulse.

-Initial tests complete
-Optimizing the process
-Investigate properties of other functional groups

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University of Missouri

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