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Heart Rhythm Biomarkers of Infectious Diseases

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Biomarkers for Pre-Symptom Detection of Infectious Diseases

The current invention from the University of Missouri describes a technology that uses electrocardiogram (ECG) to identify intervals in an individuals heart rhythm as biomarkers for pneumonic plague and other infectious diseases. Device applications of this ECG biomarker technology can be utilized to identify exposure to infectious agents prior to the onset of detectable disease symptoms. This technology also has the potential to identify ECG biomarkers that can correlate responses of protective and non-protective therapeutic treatments. 

Traditional methods of testing for pathogens and other infectious agents can take up to 72 hours to obtain reliable results. More rapid methods of detection are needed to combat fast disease progression and transmission of the infection. Currently available methods for rapid detection of pathogens include various kinds of PCR that involve expensive DNA extractions and sometimes the inability to confirm bacterial viability in the test sample. Therefore, implementing a more cost effective and rapid method to detect exposure to infection prior to the onset of symptoms, such as the current technology, would enable more timely and effective treatment of affected individuals. 

-Non-invasive and efficient hardware and software applications to identify oncoming and progressing infectious diseases
-Wearable bio-warfare technology for military to detect exposure to infectious agents
-Evaluate the success of various therapies for infectious diseases during the course of treatment

-Early, pre-symptom detection of exposure to disease causing organisms
-Revolutionized ability to identify, assess, and manage disease and pathological conditions prior to the onset of disease symptoms using ECG readouts
-Potentially wearable or implantable for clinics, the battlefield, or daily life

-Device prototype under development 
-ECG related software being tested in an experimental rat model for pneumonic plague 

PATENT STATUS: Patent application filed 

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University of Missouri- Columbia

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