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FTSG Software for Video Analytics

New FTSG software contains the best algorithms for discerning target motion and target change from noise and other objects that are not of interest.

Recognizing and tracking motion and change continues to be a challenge with artificial intelligence, particularly with the existence of noise, such as shadows, weather conditions, occlusions, stopped objects, and thermal turbulence. The following chart shows processed images from FTSG as compared to other state of the art detection algorithms:
The FTSG was ranked the best change detection algorithm in the world at an international challenge called the CVPR 2014 challenge.

This software has application in safety and security, defense, driverless vehicles, theft/loss prevention, vandalism prevention, and work place monitoring. This software could be used in security, at an airport, for example. The software and analytics could detect when a moving object, such as a piece of luggage, because stopped and could be used to further identify how far the luggage is away from the moving object that brought the luggage into the airport.

  • The global video analytics market is over $1.7 Billion
  • 245 million video surveillance cameras used globally

In the largest video analytics market of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), Intelligent Software Solutions, BAE Systems, Logos Technologies, PAR Government, and SAIC control about 1/3 of the ISR market, which is predominately an award market as opposed to a product market. In civilian applications, IntelliVision and 3VR have strong solutions.

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