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Enhanced Energy Storage and Performance of Supercapacitors

Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed liquid- and solid-state electrolyte composites that are nanoparticle embedded that can be used in electrochemical systems such as supercapacitors. This system shows improvements over current, similar systems in the areas of operating voltage, capacitance, and operating temperature. Specifically in liquid-state nanoparticle-embedded electrolytes where operating voltage increased by 49% and increased by 58% in capacitance. Similarly, solid-state showed a full-discharge energy increase of 39% compared to similar products that do not utilize nanoparticles.

-Areas (like hybrid vehicles) where supercapacitors are desired to have increased energy storage capacity and better low temperature performance

-Increased operating potential window and capacitance
-Increased low temperature performance of supercapacitors

-Prototypes have been successfully built and further data has been collected
-Continuing development is occurring to improve longevity

Further R&D Needed:
-Improve stability and longevity of device
-Continue optimization of all aspects of device

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