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Carp Deboning Device

The number of Asian carp is increasing rapidly in many rivers across the mid-west. One strategy to limit the invasive Asian carp's impact on their surroundings is to harvest the fish for commercial purposes, including human consumption. One limiting factor in this strategy is the inability to remove the y-shaped and smaller straight bones that are prevalent in carp. Current methods of removal either destroy the shape or the structure of the meat, diminishing its value. These methods include either cutting the meat into small pieces or extruding the flesh through a metal screen. The price of carp would become more attractive to commercial fishers if a deboning device were available. Our proposed design would mechanically and efficiently remove the y-shaped and smaller straight bones that are present in the fillet, thus preserving the structure of the meat and enhancing its commercial value.

-Commercial Fishermen
-Commercial Fish Processing Plants
-Restaurant Owners
-Grocery Stores (meat managers)

-Mechanical and efficient process of obtaining fillets (as compared to cutting by hand)
-Environmentally-friendly way to control an invasive species
-Stimulates the local economy

-Prototype is under development

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University of Missouri

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Pending Patent

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