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Apparatus and Methods for Measurement of Viscoelastic Material Properties by Continuous-Wave Ultrasound

Researchers have developed an apparatus that will allow for real-time monitoring of rheological behavior of liquids, Newtonian and non-Newtonian and does not have any moving parts, as it produces and measures ultrasound waves. Only a small quantity is required for sampling, which allows viscosity to be measured in small process streams. The apparatus also has a much improved signal-to-noise ratio than existing technology. The apparatus can even be embedded in-line without the need for bypass and with no effect on the flow. The apparatus comes in a small, light-weight, and inexpensive package with no moving parts.

This invention allows for a better way to measure sound speed and viscosity of a material using continuous-wave ultrasound excitation. This invention has many advantages over current technology.

While the inexpensive nature of the device will allow for displacement of current state of the art viscometers, the compact configuration that requires minimal liquid allows for the potential for new markets. For example, blood viscosity has been linked to various health conditions such as stroke susceptibility and general cardiovascular health, but there is currently not a good way to measure the viscosity accurately. However, the presently disclosed invention may be applicable to measuring blood viscosity in small arteries.

  • Displacement of existing viscometers
  • New markets for viscosity testing such as the medical field and automotive field

Collaboration Opportunity: This invention is available for licensing.
Development Stage: Prototype tested

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University of Missouri - Columbia

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