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Anti-fungal Treatment for Hair and Skin Infections

This invention provides for topical formulation(s) that are applied to the scalp and hair through serums, ointments, shampoos, sprays or the like to prevent new or recurring infections. The invention also provides for products that can be used to decontaminate objects or surfaces at home or at school to help prevent the spread or re-occurrence of infections.

Tinea capitis, a fungal infection of the scalp, has become widely integrated into metropolitan communities. Several large scale studies of over 10,000 children at Children’s Mercy demonstrate infection rates as high as 30%. Symptoms generally present as single or multiple patches of hair loss accompanied by inflammation, scaling, pustules and itching. Current oral treatments have challenges such as compliance issues, liver toxicity and/or interactions with other drugs. Importantly long-term follow-up of the children in our studies demonstrate that efficacy rates for existing oral anti-fungals is unacceptably low.

  • In communities where tinea capitis is known to occur, prophylactic treatment can prevent or decrease the severity of the infection.
  • Products for topical applications for prevention of new or recurring tinea capitis infections.
  • Products for topical treatment of existing tinea capitis infections.
  • Products to be applied to fomites such as bed sheets, hair brushes, stuffed toys, or in the classroom, that carry the fungus and provide a means of re-infection.

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Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics

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