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2B-Alert Mobile App

This innovative mobile app learns user's response to sleep loss and caffeine intake to predict cognitive performance.

Researchers have developed and validated the 2B-Alert mobile app which learns an individual user’s specific phenotypical responses to sleep loss and caffeine consumption and their impacts on the individual’s cognitive performance. The smartphone app contains proprietary algorithms that predict current and future alertness and cognitive performance based on a series of psychomotor vigilance task (PVT) tests and the individual’s sleep and caffeine intake data. 2B-Alert could be further developed to automatically log sleep data from fitness devices and generate sleep and caffeine schedules to optimize user performance for given times in the future.

Potential applications include student exam preparation, scheduling for the transportation industry (truckers, air traffic controllers, pilots, etc.), clinical and research studies involving sleep and caffeine, and planning for any activity where an individual or team needs to be performing at peak cognitive levels during a particular time period.

  • Accurate: Proprietary software, validated in multiple studies, that can be customized to learn the user’s responses to sleep deprivation and caffeine intake and provide predictions that are up to 50% more accurate than non-individualized models
  • Simple: Requires only sleep and caffeine data and a handful of PVT tests, all of which are handled via a simple, user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Powerful: 2B-Alert provides highly accurate predictions and can also be used to test sleep and caffeine plans for maximum performance and alertness for a given time period in the future

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US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command’s Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute

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