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Fennik Life Sciences

More than 90% of drugs that pass through in vitro pre-clinical studies fail to meet the desired efficacy or safety margins required in subsequent clinical trials. High attrition rates remain a major issue in the drug development process. There is a recognized need for improved pre-clinical models that can provide better predictors of success in clinical studies.

Our mission is to provide 3D cell culture products and services to enhance drug validation and research for people's health. We are a privately held company located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Originating Institution:

University of Kansas Medical Center


Wei Bin Fang, Ph.D, Co-founder/President
Nikki Cheng, Ph.D Co-founder, Chief Scientific Advisor

Intellectual Property:

Patent pending WO 2015/121289 A2. METASTASIS MIMETIC DEVICE. Co-Inventors: Nikki Cheng, Wei Bin Fang, Terry Faddis, Preston White Trademarked: TheraKan

Current Status

Not incorporated
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Board Members
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