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Extent Medical Imaging, LLC

Optic Polarization Tractography (OPT) allows for fast, non-destructive, and cost-effective detection of fiber disorganization in tissues, which is a common indication of abnormality or disease. Devices developed with OPT are applicable in both research and clinical environments. OPT will enable its users to generate 3D, depth-resolved visualizations of fibrous tissues in real time and without compromising the sample. Ideal targets for tissue imaging include muscle, cardiovascular (heart & arterial), cartilage, neural, and collagen-rich tissues

Originating Institution:

University of Missouri - Columbia


Steve O’Connor, Ph.D.                         Gang Yao, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer                         OPT Inventor & Developer

Entrepreneur                                        Biomedical engineering


Dongsheng Duan, Ph.D.                     William Galvin

Co-Inventor/Collaborator                     Business Development

Med. Micro. & Immunology                 Crosby MBA Candidate

Intellectual Property:

US Patent Pending: US 2017/0031143 A1

Current Status

Company incorporated
Management team


Commercial development partnerships
Application-specific scopes or devices
Tissue samples

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