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ErgoSTM is an intuitive, all-purpose, Ergonomic Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) tool designed with the clinician in mind.

Most existing IASTM tools and their associated systems utilize single edge devices and require clinician education. However, physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and chiropractors are trained to apply their own technique, expertise, and clinical judgement in using IASTM tools for patient care.

The ErgoSTM Tool, researched and developed by MU inventors, is designed to provide clinicians with the flexibility of using an intuitive, multi-purpose tool for their everyday work. Every edge/surface of the tool is designed to treat different tissue types and areas of the body, while its handle design allows the tool to be held comfortably in multiple ways to fit each clinician’s preference.

ErgoSTM’s innovative, multimodal design offers clinicians who perform IASTM improved ergonomics for optimal clinician performance and convenience, bringing the emphasis back on the clinician and their expertise rather than individual tools and edges. More than 15 Physical Therapists have tested the ErgoSTM Tool and found it ergonomic, intuitive and capable of providing the same standard of care as existing tools marketed for this purpose. Meet ErgoSTM, a new soft tissue therapy tool invented by MU researchers (Video):

Originating Institution:

University of Missouri – Columbia


Jaya Ghosh
Brett Hayes
Jonathon Buehler

Intellectual Property:

Filed United States Patent Application 20160166459

Current Status

Not incorporated


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