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CryoCrate, LLC

CryoCrate innovates cryopreservation technologies. The CryoCrate trilogy technology platform includes:

1) a cryopreservation medium that enables long-term storage of cells and tissues in normal deep freezers, removing the need for liquid nitrogen facility;
2) a cryoprotective device that achieves high throughput cryopreservation of corneas for corneal transplantation;
3) a versatile cryopreservation device that removes the need for cryoprotectant and realizes in-situ cryopreservation. 

CryoCrate licensed the first two inventions from the University of Missouri (MU) with the founder (Xu Han) as the leading inventor, and co-owns the third technology with MU. CryoCrate raised $340K in an angel round investment in 2017. CryoCrate won three NIH SBIRs in three years, the founder is the principal investigator, and the funding totals $550K. The founder and MU research faculty also won two Coulter Transnational Research awards (one for corneal cryopreservation and the other for organ cryopreservation), two MU Fast-track awards (one for stem cell cryopreservation and one for medium GMP production), and a Faculty Innovation Award. The founder is the top reviewer for the journal of Cryobiology and a NIH reviewer for three study sections.

Current CEO, Tim Wheeler, was the previous marketing director of BioMerieux with 30 years of experience in sales and marketing. The current goal of CryoCrate is to raise the second round of investment for commercialization of the corneal cryopreservation technology (Trilogy 2) and prepare for the third round of investment for organ cryopreservation.

Originating Institution:

University of Missouri - Columbia


Xu Han, CTO & President
Tim Wheeler, Current CEO
White Henry, Science Officer (Former Chair of Dept. of Physics at MU)

Intellectual Property:

Two licensed inventions and one co-owned invention.
One Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filed, one provisional patent, and one PCT soon to be filed.

Current Status

Not Incorporated


Strategic Partners
Business Assistance
Regulatory Affairs

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