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W2B’s success is all about partners. It works because of a strong relationship with research institutions, CEO-level talent and business development resources.


testimonial-audreyspirit"One thing that has really struck me regarding entrepreneurship is that there are so many components to attend to! There is no comprehensive algorithm or checklist an entrepreneur can use to anticipate all potential aspects of providing a service or manufacturing a product. Collective wisdom of programs like Whiteboard 2 Boardroom is required to make ventures both compliant with local, state and federal law as well as mitigate risks to emerging companies. It truly takes a regional effort to build the infrastructure supporting one successful venture! Hopefully over time, we can use this collective wisdom and infrastructure to more effortlessly manufacture new and profitable companies.”
Donna Yadrich, President, AudreySpirit

Rockhurst University

"JIM AND THE W2B INITIATIVE WERE A STRONG FOUNDATION TO OUR BRINGING AN INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOCUS TO Rockhurst:  last fall's innovation forum drew on Jim's resources among entrepreneurs, a February session with the University Innovation Fellows gave rise to five students from Rockhurst becoming candidates for the program, and for my colleague. I am grateful to say that we're collaborating on several areas this year that offers some appreciation for Jim and W2B as real advocates for learning and practicing innovation and entrepreneurship."  
Turner White, Executive Professor of Management
Co Director of Executive Education
Rockhurst University

"I’m a clinical psychologist who has never had a job in the corporate world. So, in attempting to develop an atmosphere of innovation on the Rockhurst University campus, I was strong on ideas and woefully weak in strategy and planning. Whiteboard2Boardroom has guided me toward developing a mission and focus by facilitating meaningful introductions, providing contacts for speakers at events I arrange, and guiding my growth and understanding of the business."
Risa Stein, PhD, Professor, Psychology
Rockhurst University

testimonial-ku“As with most any successful endeavors, it begins with an introduction. Although we have never been at a loss for cultivating our own “A” list of contacts, connections specific to where we wanted to be were provided in short time after a discussion with positive results by the next business day.“
Greg Thomas, Director, Center for Design Research, University of Kansas


“Jim Baxendale from Whiteboard2Boardroom approached me and said, ‘I know a guy…’
His connection introduced me to the CEO of a local hospital who has since participated in PatientsVoices™ initial pilot. The value? Priceless!!!!”
Mary Kay O’Connor, President, PatientsVoices

KC Drone logo“The WHITEBOARD2BOARDROOM PROGRAM has been instrumental in getting me in touch with people in the academic world who study and develop new technology applicable to my field. W2B has walked me through step by step and simplified the process of bringing my technology to the market. The dedication and timely introductions, implemented by W2B, surpassed what I thought a tech transfer program was capable of.”

Sgt. Casey Adams, Founder of KC Drone Company

testimonial-brownmedW2B has helped MDN-KC connect with other potential members, universities and to emerging technologies. The MDN-KC has expanded its membership as a consequence of the relationship with W2B. We also believe the members of MDN-KC will eventually connect more efficiently with emerging technologies.”
Ivan Brown, Founder, Medical Device Network-Kansas City

USMC“Every founder and new idea needs a deep network to provide candid feedback and support. Whiteboard2Boardroom exposes start-ups to these vital, deep networks of resources.”

Major Luke R. Barnes, USMCR

“As a small, entrepreneurial company, we know the value of the proverb, ‘In the multitude of counselors there is safety,’ and appreciate W2B bringing that ‘multitude’ to us as needed. W2B has opened multiple doors for us. This has allowed us to pursue higher-level opportunities than we could have given our resource limitations.”
James Lucas, President, Epic Medical Concepts & Innovations, Inc.

testimonials-seekedgar“Whiteboard 2 Boardroom has been of great help from simple things like how to establish a business to some major things like who should we contact to take the product to market, who should we contact for technical help, and financial help. They have helped us in all respects of a business related to a startup company.”
Raj Srivastava, Founder, SEEKEDGAR

testimonial-macwater“When Jim Baxendale told me about the new patented filtration process technology being developed at KU, and that it can remove Fluoride from water I put the two together. Jim put me in contact with people who have similar interests, goals, values, and ethics as I do and we then worked out ways to work together.”
Ryan MacAfee, President, MAC Water Technologies

“This type of matchmaking would be vital for early-stage high-tech companies in this area. This will enable us to attract high-quality researchers and key business personnel, and eventually, capital to further grow our business.”
Suman Sarapalli, President, Intellispeak

NMCBNlogo“My contact with the Whiteboard2Boardroom network has been immensely helpful in the fact that it allows the National Marine Corps Business Network to be able to touch into a pool of very different people that they previously wouldn’t have had access to.”
Mike McCoy, President of National Marine Corps Business Network-KC

USMC“Whiteboard2Boardroom has the ability to match a veteran, using their skills and personal expertise, to a technology within their field of interest. They can help the veteran build a team and even provide the idea, step by step guidance, and potential funding sources. I encourage any veteran looking to transition to entrepreneurship to check out W2B.”

Lt. Col. Joe Crane, USMC

“Whiteboard2Boardroom's access to USarmyestablished business and technology transfer resources has immensely strengthened Arrowhead Capital’s foundation and implemented growth. Military Veterans who are transitioning to the civilian workforce, relocating within the bi-state area, and especially those considering entrepreneurial endeavors will greatly benefit from W2B’s support across the business spectrum.”

Maj. Fred Galvin, U.S. Army

testimonail-lazerdown“The contact with Whiteboard 2 Boardroom provided a portal into a realm of endless opportunities that I had no idea even existed. Through Whiteboard2Boardroom I was introduced to the Small Business and Technology Development Center at UMKC Innovation Center. I began a mentoring program under Jill Meyer - Senior Technology Development and Commercialization Consultant. Through her guidance I developed an advisory team and was encouraged to file for my non-provisional patent, which was accomplished in March of ’14. Through this partnership we were invited to participate in the Kauffman FastTrac Tech Venture program with scholarship assistance provided by Digital Sandbox and Director Jeff Shackelford. I parlayed this connection into my participation in the 2014 Digital Sandbox KC Summer in the Sand Program. Additionally, I have decided to work with R2Fact and Steve Pope, a local Kansas City prototyping company that has worked within this tremendous network of Whiteboard2Boardroom.”
Michael Foster, President, Lazser Down

W2B Adds Value

to the bi-state community by assisting in the advancement of regional innovations to start new companies and help established companies grow.



Jobs Created


Startup Companies


Capital Raised

$15.9 M

Entrepreneurs / Companies Assisted


W2B Partners


*From January 1, 2012 - June 30, 2016

Click here for Whiteboard2Boardroom 2016 Annual Report

Examples of Startup Company Formations Facilitated


Technology: Fall detection and location guidance software
Source: Entrepreneur

Each device is customized for an individual person. The system realizes if a person is supposed to be walking but isn’t, started walking but has stopped, taking an abnormal route, taking more turns than normal, has fallen down or what is the activity a person does that makes him/her fall down. The software may also send map information to the device and route the person to that destination when needed and if the person deviates from the route, it sends a notification back.

Mobility Designed

Technology: Painless crutches
Source: Entrepreneur

Offering innovative mobility devices for disabled users, Mobility Designed has developed a solution for those seeking pain free crutches. For decades, little improvement has been made in relieving the basic flaw of axillary crutches which is that it uses the soft tissue of the armpit to provide support. Mobility Designed Crutches on the other hand use the elbow and upper arm as the main body support making them painless and easy to use. In addition, Mobility Designed crutches eliminate the potential for nerve damage of armpits, hands, and wrists caused by the long term use of other crutches.


Technology: Biometric identification
Source: University of Missouri – Kansas City

EyeVerify is the exclusive provider of EyePrint Verification, a highly accurate biometric software solution for mobile devices. EyePrint Verification delivers a password-free mobile experience and secure authentication at a glance by using existing cameras on smartphones to image and pattern-match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye.


Technology: Safety device for use in transcatheter aortic valve replacement
Source: University of Missouri

Cardioptimus, a medical device company based in Columbia, Mo., is commercializing its Embolisher, a supplemental safety device for use in transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). A minimally invasive device, the Embolisher enhances the safety of TAVR, helping to eliminate the high stroke rate that remains a major clinical hurdle associated with the procedure.


Technology: Neutron radiation detector
Source: University of Missouri – Kansas City

U2D has developed the neuPhone, a neutron detector that runs on an iPhone 5 and shows a counts-per-second rate or a dose rate of neutron radiation. Dose can be selected to be either real-time or accumulated. Neutrons have a comparatively high relative biological effectiveness, and are roughly ten times more effective at causing biological damage compared to gamma or beta radiation of equivalent radiation exposure. Neutrons are particularly damaging to soft tissues like the cornea of the eye.


Technology: Financial software
Source: University of Kansas

Search Engine for Extracting Knowledge from Industrial Filings (Seek iNF) is a Cloud-based technology providing search capabilities to users using their own string/strings, to search for financial and non-financial information within different levels of resolutions such as paragraphs, tables, footnotes, audit report, SOX 404 report etc. for 10K and 20F; paragraphs, tables, and footnotes for 10Q; and paragraph and tables for the following filings, 8K, S-1, DEF 14A, 13-F, 40F, Comment Letters and AAERS, for the years 2000 – 2013. Financial Reporting and Auditing Agent with Net Knowledge (FRAANK) is a patented technology (US Patent) that provides financial and non-financial information from 10K, 10Q, and 20F.


Technology: Drug detection technology
Source: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Zorilla, a computerized system that helps predict problem interactions of a drug in the early stages of development. This enables the developing company to repurpose failed compounds earlier in the process and prevent costly late-stage drug trial failures. With Zorilla’s SABLE structural analysis technology, clients can predict problem interactions in early stages of development, and potentially recover compounds that have moved into later phases.

nVision Ag

Technology: Precision farming
Source: University of Missouri

NVision utilizes remote sensing to diagnose nitrogen deficiency in crops. Nitrogen fertilizer is lost from soils in wet springs, leaving corn and other crops with a deficient supply of Nitrogen and Yield of grain is greatly reduced by this deficiency. NVision provides farmers and their advisors with quantitative decision support in deciding whether to apply additional N fertilizer and, if so, how much

Lazser Down

Technology: Digital down marker for football
Source: Entrepreneur

Lazser Down technology will improve the football game day experience for coaches, players, game officials, and fans. Unlike present-day method, the patent pending LAZSER DOWN technology provides instant, precise, and objective information that is more durable, safer for participants, and offers superior digital display. Real-time down and distance feedback is digitally displayed on the field chain & down system and synchronized with the stadium scoreboard.